Parliament Motor Coach is pleased to announce that we are resuming production of Prevost Luxury Coach conversions at our Clearwater, Florida manufacturing facility.

For the last several years, our engineering staff have been doing design and testing work on the systems that we will be debuting at the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa in January, 2017. The lineage of this new technology comes from the nuclear submarine industry. The term used to describe our energy storage and delivery system is Synchronous Hybrid Technology.

77_1This is the major difference between a Parliament Motor Coach and the other conversions on the market today. While a few coaches may share some attributes of a Parliament Motor Coach, none have our synchronous redundant design, with every aspect of the coach carefully designed to work in concert with the others. For instance, some coaches add lithium ion batteries, but if the entire system is not designed to make use of this resource, the overall result will be less than perfect. The backbone of the Parliament Motor Coach system is a 76.8 Kilowatt/hour lithium ion battery system, complete with its own battery management system. This is coupled with 20 Kilowatts of Hybrid Inverter/Chargers that work together, to seamlessly supply all the power needs in the coach. Every appliance can be turned on at the same time without any concerns by the coach owner. Everything happens seamlessly.

The coach is also equipped with mono crystalline solar panels to harvest as much free energy as possible from the sun. When plugged into shore power, the remaining energy needed to run appliances in the coach is utilized. If, however, the owner turns on multiple items, such as the dryer, induction cook top, microwave, and electric water heater, all at the same time, what would happen in most coaches on the market today? The shore power breaker would trip and all electric appliances would stop working. Worse yet, he or she would have to remember how to reset systems that had shut down from overload. With Parliament Motor Coach’s Synchronous Hybrid Power system, everything works together to supply all of your power needs. Breakers don’t trip, and power isn’t lost. The system harvests as much energy from the sun as possible, uses as much energy from shore power as possible, and the batteries supply whatever additional power is needed to run all the appliances. This occurs invisibly and seamlessly so the coach owner never has to be concerned with energy management again. Our coach can be treated the same way as a home, without ever having to worry about how much energy is available. This is the true value of our Synchronous Hybrid Technology system.

77_7So, what happens when the high power demands of the coach exceed the batteries capacity to supply the difference between those demands and what shore power and the sun can provide? At this point, the incredibly reliable DC battery charging generator is programmed by the energy management system to come on line, directly charge the battery packs, then shut off. The system handles everything seamlessly and effortlessly. All the coach owner has to do is relax and enjoy the worry free capabilities that their Parliament Motor Coach provides. This DC generator is far more reliable than AC generators, with less moving parts to fail. It utilizes rare earth magnets to create the energy to directly recharge the battery packs. There is no efficiency loss from having to make 120/240 volts AC, then changing back to DC to recharge the batteries. This remarkable DC generator is so incredibly efficient that the diesel engine needed to run it is small enough that it doesn’t require DEF, so it is EPA tier 4 compliant. This 20KW generator has the longest service interval of any generator ever used in a luxury coach (1000 hours between service intervals ).

Parliament Motor Coach is proud to announce that it is the first RV Manufacturer/Dealer to install and program Continental’s new Pro Viu®ASL360 camera system. This system gives you unsurpassed safety while driving or parking. This system has been proven in by Audi, BMW and Mercedes to name a few. The system is fully customizable and can include a DVR to record as you drive.

Parliament Motor Coach owners will now have the freedom to relax and let the energy management system do it’s job, without always having to be tethered to a shore power pedestal. Additionally, while cruising down the highways and byways in your Parliament Motor Coach, the engine driven alternator system, rated at 20KW, creates enough energy to recharge the massive battery system AND run all the power needs in the coach.

Combine the capabilities of this incredible generator, the largest and safest battery storage system in ANY coach ever made, and the largest Hybrid inverter system EVER installed in a luxury coach, and Parliament Motor Coach owners with Synchronous Hybrid Technology may never have to look for a campground again. The true measure of luxury and independence. The freedom to stay wherever and whenever you want, with no worries.

77_14Let’s look at the battery system in greater detail. There are many different lithium ion battery chemistries in existence today. Some, like cobalt-oxide, claim to have a high energy density ( meaning more energy per pound of battery ), but the trade off for that claim is a volatile chemistry that is inherently unsafe, an environmental hazard to dispose of, and is toxic to humans. The chemistry we have chosen is iron phosphate. It is less energy dense than cobalt-oxide. It is, however, inherently safer, the cathode is not flammable like cobalt-oxide, it is not toxic to humans, not an environmental hazard, and over the life of the cells, the loss of capacity lessens as the cells age, as compared to cobalt-oxide cells, which degrade faster as they are cycled.
To compliment the greater efficiency of our DC generator, the hybrid nature of the Parliament Motor Coach is dramatically improved with the use of our incredibly efficient DC roof air conditioners. They are not only built to standards never seen in AC roof air conditioners, they are much quieter, and use approximately half of the energy, some of which will be supplied by solar power. They will increase battery life and reduce the load on shore power. As a further benefit, the system uses regular automotive refrigerant, environmentally friendly R-134a, and is serviceable. Our extensive testing has shown these units to be far superior to any previously used roof A/C unit.

Choosing a Parliament Motor Coach with Synchronous Hybrid Technology, with its revolutionary degree of reliability and redundancy, combined with the engineered systems that Parliament Motor Coach has always been known for, insures that your coach will be the safest, most energy efficient luxury coach ever built.

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