Parliament Motor Coach and Mid-Florida RV Rentals are teaming up!

Mid-Florida RV Rentals is a locally owned RV rental company that has become the leader in the Tampa Bay for quality RV rentals. We pride ourselves for have many different kinds of RVs from small Class Bs on up to large luxury Class A diesel motorhomes. We center our business around late model quality RVs but most importantly strong customer service so our customers feel comfortable on the road. We cater to the first time RVers who would like to experience RVing and maybe looking to rent before they buy. We have had many of our customers rent two and three different motorhomes to see which will be right type for them to purchase.

Mid-Florida RV Rentals main inventory is actually privately owned motorhomes which eases some of the financial investment in owning an RV. They are many great reason to put your RV into a owners management program which Mid-Florida RV Rentals has built, mainly the revenue will make RVing basically free to the owner with the income it produces. Also there are tax write off reasons and the fact that RVs that just sit in storage usually have the most service issues. We carefully manage the complete process from the renters qualifications, the insurance, storage and regular maintenance. This is how we have so many quality RVs to choose from rather than a cheap inventory built just for the rental industry.

Please feel free to reach out to them at (813) 494-8501 or visit their website @